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Welcome to Cambodia

We've trusted our eyes our whole life, but once visiting Cambodia, we may start doubting them.

In front of Angkor Wat, one of the world's greatest achievements, we seem to be so tiny. Drops of the sunlight piece the ancient walls and bring people from the modern life back to the Empire of Kingdom Champa as well.

Emerging from a violent past of human rights atrocities, war and political instability, Cambodia is recovering from its past and slowly becoming a top destination on the South East Asian travel map. Travellers to Cambodia can now enjoy many wonderful aspects of this country. Pleasurable moments can be had in the snatches of friendly conversations, in the tranquillity ushered in by Buddhist prayer or in the sounds of workers in the rice paddies. One can also search for the charms of the French-era capital city Phnom Penh, visit the tragic horrors of the Killing Fields or drift past sleepy riverside locations on a boat.

If looking for a relaxation on beach, we can take a bus to Sihanouk Ville, the only maritime port of Cambodia where we also can explore the south coast and nearby Ream National Park.

How else to explain the exotic tremendous splendor of the 9th- to 13th-century Khmer temples, the lively Apsara dances, the tropical islands with barely a beach hut in sight and the untold adventures lurking in northern forests? All only can be explained by your own experience.

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